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We ascend the 7 most beautiful mountains in the world

It is very difficult to make a list that groups the most beautiful mountains in the world ... because they all have something special! Each continent and each country has its own, more or less high, but we have made the effort to offer you a list of those that you should visit at least once in your life. What are the most beautiful mountains?

We visit Fruska Gora monasteries in Serbia

The numerous orthodox monasteries of Fruska Gora National Park were created with the intention of preserving the identity and religion of these Serbian lands. They were built in the 15th century, almost on the border with Croatia. Fruska Gora, the "sacred mountain", as it is known, is characterized by its isolation and difficult access.

With these 6 things you will enjoy New York

To say that New York is a fascinating city is not news. Actually, that's the magic of the Big Apple, since we all know more or less what we're going to see. However, as much as we get an idea of ​​what awaits us there, thanks to the cinema and television series, the city will always leave us speechless.

Live and know the Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine extends throughout the Mare Nostrum basin, as its name says. And it is characterized by a series of common elements that have been used since ancient times in the kitchens of any country in this region. So, if one travels through the Mediterranean, you can see variants of the same dishes in each country.

Initiation to the family walk in the Moroccan desert

The Moroccan desert is one of those treasures of Africa that attracts thousands and thousands of visits every week. More and more people decide to know the sand dunes and all their secrets with their family. And it is increasingly common to see how parents and children share the wonderful experience of touring the Sahara.

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Tour the most beautiful villages of Andalusia with our route

Spain is one of the countries in the world with the most cultural, landscape and gastronomic variety in the world. Therefore, in all its territory you can find beautiful villages that do not go unnoticed by their beauty and their peculiarities. On this occasion we will visit the most beautiful villages of Andalusia, towns that you will fall in love with.

What to see in Cádiz capital, the oldest city in Spain

Cádiz is known for being a province full of beaches ideal for surfers and nature lovers, with dunes, turquoise waters and golden sand. Meanwhile, Cádiz capital is a city that keeps a lot of history, being the oldest in the peninsula. Cádiz was the protagonist of the golden age in times of trade with the Americas in the eighteenth century.

The fantastic bamboo forest of Arashiyama

Imagine a scenario, where everything is bamboo with thousands of stalks arranged at almost the same distance, where everything is green with its different shades. The only thing that distracts you from such reality is a sound that hypnotizes and calms. They are bamboo stalks hitting each other in the swing of the wind.

9 wonderful islands to get lost in 2017

In any of the islands that we are going to mention next one can be lost placidly during the next months of this 2017. Although in reality they are more or less distant, more or less large, more or less civilized paradises to get lost this year or any other . Follow us and confirm it yourself.

9 bridges in Europe that you would cross a thousand times

Ostentatious, elegant, simple or with an outstanding historical load. Each of these bridges in Europe has something very special, so special that you could cross them again and again and never get tired. Do we check it? 1. Rialto Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge - canadastock It is the oldest, the most famous and the most beautiful in Venice.

Mont Veyrier, live a high adventure near Lyon

In one of the most picturesque natural sites of the French Haute Savoie. The sister summits of Mont Veyrier and Mont Baron are drawn on the idyllic Annecy Glacier Lake. Let's find out more about the first, Mont Veyrier. A gift for the senses in an environment full of possibilities With a height of 1291 meters, Mont Veyrier is a gift for the senses.

Sail through Halong Bay, the jewel of Vietnam

Being able to navigate among the countless islets of Halong Bay alone deserves the trip to Vietnam. In fact, this place in the Gulf of Tonkin is the great image of Vietnamese tourism. Any poster, book or website that speaks of Vietnam will have a photo of Halong Bay, so if you are fortunate enough to make this trip, obviously you cannot miss it.

We cross the beautiful and unknown Sierra de Francia

The Sierra de Francia is a beautiful region that is located in the province of Salamanca, in Spain. It is a place that has natural attractions and towns of great beauty, which offers a unique and exquisite cuisine and always provides the best of itself to the traveler who wants to know a little more about this area.

Visit the spectacular Aoraki National Park

The Aoraki National Park, on the South Island of New Zealand, is one of those natural spaces that have made this country world famous for its wonderful landscapes. Here we expect the highest mountains in the country, glaciers, paths between forests, a bit of Maori mythology and, of course, movie scenarios.

Discover 10 psychological benefits of traveling

There are many psychological benefits of traveling, because, in addition to resting, it improves your physical and mental state. It's nice to meet another place, change your routine and interact with new people. Thus you positively stimulate your thinking and your emotions. Traveling alone or accompanied, regardless of the place, is a good habit for your health.

Map of Andalusia: choose your next destination

We are not going to the largest autonomous community in Spain. On the map of Andalusia you can find everything: wonderful beaches, snow, desert and lush forests in incredible mountain ranges. All this, together with its beautiful cities, has made it an essential destination for many travelers. Would you like to know where to go on vacation?

Routes for palates with the Michelin Guide

If you are one of those people who only eats in restaurants with good reviews and if in each destination you visit you are looking for establishments where you can taste the best native or “author” dishes, do not hesitate to continue reading. We will make a gastronomic route of the most select following the recommendations of the Michelin Guide.