The museums of Aragon that you cannot miss

Aragon museums are the most varied and are among the top tourist attractions to visit during a vacation in this autonomous community. You will find them in Zaragoza, as well as in the other two provincial capitals: Huesca and Teruel. But you will also be able to see other very interesting ones in different Aragonese locations.

The best Aragon museums

The list of museums in Aragon that follows presents those that can be considered essential in any of the three Aragonese provinces. Follow us and we explain what they are, and why you should visit them on your next trip through Aragon.

1. Pablo Gargallo Museum in Zaragoza

Pablo Gargallo Museum - FRANCIS RAHER /

In the historic center of Zaragoza there are many Renaissance and Baroque palaces that once made the city famous. And one of them houses one of the most interesting museums in Aragon, the one dedicated to Pablo Gargallo.

Emblematic of the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, the work of this sculptor comes to life again in this historical architecture. An exquisite and unmissable combination that you should not miss

2. Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture

Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture- Turol Jones /

Another internationally renowned Aragonese sculptor in the last century was Pablo Serrano, which also has its museum in Zaragoza. But now it is housed in a new building recently built.

There not only the work of Serrano is seen, but many exhibitions are promoted, events and workshops that make it a true cultural engine. Check your schedule at your next getaway to Zaragoza.

3. Goya Museum in Fuendetodos

Goya's birthplace - Zaragoza Turismo /

However, if we talk about Aragon museums and Aragonese artists, it would be unforgivable not to mention the most illustrious of all: Francisco de Goya. As well,to know the origins of this universal genius it is advisable to travel to Fuendetodos.

This small town is about an hour from Zaragoza. There is a museum in his family home, where also his famous engravings are exhibited.

"The dream of the reason produces monsters."

-Francisco de Goya-

4. CDAN in Huesca

CDAN - arnau (BCN) /

The province of Huesca is famous for the mountains of the Pyrenees. Well, as a prelude to those landscapes you can visit the CDAN in the capital of Osca. The Center for Art and Nature is a new contribution to the museums of Aragon.

With its temporary exhibitions the links between the most modern artistic creation and natural forms are captured. If someone is looking for a novel proposal, this is their museum.

5. Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

Monastery of San Juan de la Peña - canduela /

We continue in the province of Huesca to travel to one of its most charismatic monuments: the monastery of San Juan de la Peña. A monastery that really are two. One in the lower area, which is the medieval one. And another superior and more modern.

Well, you have to visit both. His museographic montages serve, among other things, to understand the history of the Kingdom of Aragon. An unmissable tour. 

6. Dinópolis

Dinópolis - Turol Jones /

Among the museums in Aragon, the offer that the province of Teruel has is the most innovative. An example is Dinópolis, an amazing place to discover the world of dinosaurs.

A tourist attraction that has its museum part, by the way of the most didactic, but also its fun zone. In fact, since its opening more than two decades ago It is a benchmark of tourism in Teruel that you should not miss.

7. Mining Listening Museum

Mining Listening Museum - 19Tarrestnom65 /

We have already said that in the lands of Teruel there are some of the most unique museums in Aragon, and among them we can mention the Mining Museum of Listening. A museum that proposes us to enter an old mine, just as the miners did until recently.

Yes, we will wear the helmet, we will descend in a wagon and we will feel the claustrophobic sensations of this hard work.

More museums of Aragon

Roman Forum Museum - FRANCIS RAHER /

So far our brief selection of Aragon museums, but There are many others that you can visit during your vacation. If you have time, it is more than recommended that you also visit them.

In Zaragoza itself it is possible to make the route of the Roman museums of the city. Or in Huesca it is interesting to visit the Pedagogical Museum, or the art that is kept in the Diocesan Museum of Barbastro.

And as for Teruel and its unique museums, it is highly recommended to visit the Saffron in Monreal del Campo. The center dedicated to Luis Buñuel in his hometown of Calanda is also very interesting.

Cover photo: Luis Pérez Alcaide /

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